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        About us

        Shenzhen KMST Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a production-oriented technology enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and domestic and foreign trade.

        Purpose: Quality first, customer first, sincere cooperation!

        In February 2013, the company was established.

        Acting for various brands of products: lightning arresters; gas discharge tubes; thermistors; temperature sensors; PCB terminals; rail terminal blocks; plug-in connectors; shielded wire connectors; small terminal modules; connectors for lighting appliances; Wire connector; power supply; switch; PLC; integrated circuit IC; connector; fuse and fuse, etc.

        In June 2015, the factory was established. Mainly produce temperature sensors (automotive/medical/white goods/environmental fire protection equipment/food processing equipment, etc.); automotive wiring harnesses; medical wiring harnesses; rail transit wiring harnesses; power wiring harnesses; high-end test equipment wiring harnesses; and various high and low voltage wiring harnesses, etc.

        Passed IATF16949 certification in March 2018.

        In October 2018, it passed the national high-tech enterprise certification.

        In December 2018, it passed the Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise Certification.


         Temperature sensor (automobile/medical/white goods/environmental firefighting equipment/food processing equipment, etc.); automotive wiring harness; medical wiring harness; rail transit wiring harness; power wiring harness; high-end test equipment wiring harness; and various high and low voltage wiring harnesses, etc.

        Acting Brand:

        1. WAGO: PCB terminal; rail terminal; plug-in connector; shielded wire connector; small terminal module; connector for lighting equipment; wire connector; power supply; switch; PLC, etc.

        2, SHIBAURA: thermistor; temperature sensor; humidity sensor

        3. CITEL, France: lightning protection device (surge protector); gas discharge tube

        4. Boyue (ASTM): Fuses; fuses, etc.

        5. GQELE: various buttons; signal lights; LED lamp beads; waterproof connectors, etc.

        6, Texas Instruments (TI): Integrated Circuit IC.

        7. Germany JUMO: PT 100 and PT 1000 high temperature resistance.